Six R's

Introducing the Six R's: an approach to sustainability

Many of the GCSE examination courses for D&T have included the 6R's as an approach to help students think about sustainability within product evaluation and their own coursework.

The presentation and worksheets are free to download.

6 R's PowerPoint

The PowerPoint takes students through a number of activities, explaining some of the big issues around sustainability.

6 Rs activity sheet

An excellent activity to support students to understand the 6R terms and hierarchy of sustainability impact.

Six R's solution activity sheet

A sheet giving definitions to the 6 R's.

What's the specification activity?

Activity to enable students to consider the specification a designer may have followed to develop the product.

6R's and sustainability wordsearch

An ideal homework activity to reinforce key words associated with sustainability.

The Sustainability Handbook for D&T teachers

Packed with activities around the 6R's the handbook is an essential guide to help you deliver further activities in all D&T materials areas. Preview The Sustainabilty Handbook.

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