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Soluciones Prácticas

Practical Action Latin America (Soluciones Prácticas) has been working in Peru since 1985, and now also has programmes in Bolivia and Eucador.

Traditional agriculture and farming are the main livelihoods for poor people in the region. One third of the working population depends on agriculture and farming for subsistence. They are not only poor, but also the most vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards. Isolation, lack of training and neglect by the government are common difficulties for many rural families.


Practical Action Latin America (Soluciones Prácticas) contributes to regional development through the promotion of viable technology alternatives built on local strengths in each of its programme and research areas. A balance is maintained between the activities of "mature" programmes, with large scale technology dissemination, and innovative research and technology development.

Soluciones Prácticas is currently active in the following technology areas:

Disaster risk reduction

The impacts of disasters on the poor have been increasing in the Andean region, mainly due to poor management of natural resources and the vulnerability, exacerbated in the absence of policies for prevention and risk reduction. The 57,000 disasters in the Andean countries between 1970 and ...

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Housing and reconstruction

Peru has a population of almost 26 million people, concentrated mostly on the coast and to a lesser degree in the mountains and selva. An important sector of the population lives in areas with high seismic risk level

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Addressing climate change

Practical Action has implemented pilot adaptation in seven regions of Peru, which have been validated methodologies, management tools and technologies according to each situation

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Natural resource management and food security

Reducing food insecurity in the cities of Peru and Bolivia through strategies and technologies that contribute the proper management of natural resources and reduced malnutrition conditions of families in extreme poverty

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Renewable energy

The only option for providing electricity to remote communities in Latin America is through non-conventional systems, using renewable energy sources such as water (small, micro and picocentrales hydro), wind (wind turbines) and the sun (photovoltaic modules).

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Water and sanitation

Conventional market mechanisms do not always deliver clean water and sanitation in small towns in Peru and Bolivia. New management models and local capacity building is required.

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Renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils or animal fats can used pure or mixed with diesel - as a clean energy option and affordable for communities in the Amazon or in cities.

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Mountain areas

In the mountainous regions of Peru and Bolivia, Practical Action aims to develop local innovation systems and agricultural extension.

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Tropical forests

Practical Action seeks to improve the livelihoods of poor people in tropical forest ecosystems through the development and use of agroforestry technologies, conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.

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Information and communication technology systems

Practical Action's projects with information and communication technology systems (ICTs) in Peru and Bolivia.

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Contact us

Soluciones Prácticas, Av. Arequipa 4499, Miraflores, Lima, Perú. Teléfonos: (511) 4412950

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Project websites

A list of Practical Action's Latin America websites.

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Project news

Latest updates from our projects in Peru and Bolivia, via Twitter and Facebook. (Spanish)

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Practical Action Consulting: Latin America

Based at the Practical Action Latin America Regional office in Lima, Peru we have been providing high-quality consultancy services to NGOS, development agencies, government departments, research institutions, community groups and the private sector for over twenty years.

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The history of Practical Action's work in Latin America.

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Regional networks

Practical Action is a leading member of many regional networks, including:

  •  the Latin American Social Studies Network for Disaster Prevention (LA RED)
  •  the Rural Agroindustry Cooperative Development programme (PRODAR)
  •  the Latin American Micro hydro Energy Network (HIDRORED)

In Peru Practical Action leads the National Rural AgroIndusty Network (REDAR), the Water Promotion and Management Institute (IPROGA), the San Martín Regional Network for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (Red San Martín) and the National Network for Disaster Information (RENADES).

Soluciones Prácticas
Av. Arequipa 4499,

Teléfonos: (511) 441 2950; 441 3035, 441 3235

Fax: (511) 441 3416


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