ACCESS (Access to clean cook stoves for economic sustainability and social well-being)

Koraput, Odisha

Practical Action is working to increase energy access in India by promoting biogas, mini-grid services and household solar energy. We want to replace kerosene, which is expensive and dangerous. We are also looking to include improved cook-stoves and cook-fuels to this integrated approach to energy access.

The problem

Village homes do not have efficient ventilation and indoor combustion causes routine respiratory problems. Kerosene is the alternative source of lighting and cooking which creates many health hazards. In addition, careless children, stray dogs, or even wind can knock over fire woods and kerosene lamps causing fire.

ACCESS to Clean Cook Stoves

Fighting the menace of smoke while cooking with traditional cooking options that most rural households opt in Odisha, we have developed a low smoke cook stove under the project ACCESS. This cook stove is now a solution against the odds like inefficient ventilation in houses, indoor combustion, respiratory problems etc. popularly known as Access cooks stoves are now popular in south Odisha as this is replacing the use of kerosene which is not at times risky.

This project has ensured creating women entrepreneurs and whole production, marketing and selling of the product is being done by women SHGs from the community. Green energy and helping the community to raise their income level is the USP of the product and the project as a whole. This project aims at creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and dignified way to improve the lives of millions of people and help in the efforts to alleviate poverty. 

Through ACCESS to Clean cook stoves, this project has targeted to accomplish following things:

  • Increased access to improved cook stoves and cook fuels through women strengthening women self-help groups on promotion as well as  increase the household income through developing the enterprise at women self-help group level
  • 17 models of clean cook stove and cook fuels at household and institution level will be demonstrated
  • 5 Briquitte Making Production Centers will be established with the help of women self-help groups where 60 women can take it as their primary income source.
  • Women entrepreneurs linked with financial institutions for enhancement and expansion of business ventures
  • Providing opportunity on income generation for other families through collection of raw materials for production center.
  • 30% reduction in health expenses of 125 communities due to air pollution related causes
  • Sensitize community to promote clean cook stove at 5000 household and 25 institution level.
  • Government sensitized to promote clean cook stoves and cook fuels in all the 30 Districts of Odisha State.
  • An efficient market chain will be developed for clean cook stoves

Apart from this, by overcoming the challenges of finance, culture, and technology, the ACCESS project can become a reality in much of the developing world. This will create a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and dignified way to improve the lives of millions of people and help in the efforts to alleviate poverty.

At present, the project is implemented in Koraput District of Odisha with coverage of 5 Blocks and an aim to impact at least 2500 people in 125 village communities.

This project is supported by Johnson Matthey for a period of three years.


During the Entrepreneurs’ Week 2016, the prototype made by us was awarded under "Odisha Youth Innovation Fund Scheme" with a cash prize of IRs 50,000 (around £500) for further scaling-up and encouraging to create more entrepreneurs.

Koraput is one of the most tribal dominated and most deprived districts in Odisha State, on the eastern coast of Indai. 84% are considered to be below the poverty line as per national standards and as per the human development indices, the district stands at 27 out of 30 districts. Among the total population in the district, about 50% are Scheduled Tribes and 13% Scheduled Caste. Odisha State itself is also amongst one of the most deprived states in India. 

Koraput on Google Maps | Koraput on Open Street Map

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