Access to Markets

Access to markets

Markets as cross cutting issue will be mainstreamed in all programmes whenever that is possible with main objective is to have access to markets opened up for poor communities in Sudan and engage them with private sector.

Market expansion and access is essential for communities to be able to lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way. Private sector has a huge role to play in development in Sudan with regards to services and influence on purchasing power but they are rarely engaged with NGO interventions, probably because most of them have a humanitarian rather than a development focus at the moment. We will focus on engaging the private sector and removing barriers to market access as well as improving farmers’ products and position to be able to effectively engage in markets.

Our energy programme will work with the private sector to expand LPG services to rural areas in at least four states and work with other organizations to expand across Sudan. We will work with the private sector in identifying the potential profit areas so as to be able engage the sector and make the expansion sustainable. We will attempt something similar with waste management services as part of our Urban Sanitation programme. The Food Security and Livelihoods programme will seek to remove barriers to market access such as double taxation, forced sales, product quality for export. It will also link farmers and private companies.


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