Adapting to a changing climate

Climate change affects everyone, but the poorest and most marginalised communities suffer the greatest impact. Because of this, we embed climate change adaptation across our work.

Access to sustainable energy, reducing the risks of disasters and improving access to water all help vulnerable communities cope with the increasing droughts, storms and floods caused by our changing climate.


Adaptation technologies

Technology enables climate change adaptation. But these technologies must be accessible and affordable to the poor and most vulnerable families in developing countries.

These technologies help enable climate change adaptation:

  1. Infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, and solar powered irrigation systems
  2. Assets such as improved crop varieties or animal breeds that cope better with the changing environment
  3. Improved cook stoves that reduce demand for charcoal or wood for fuel
  4. Social development such as improved decision-making or strengthening land, water, or forest management.

Managing scare water resources

Water is often a source of tension between different groups of people. Good management of scarce water resouces can deliver a reliable supply for people, livestock and crops. This can improve health and help them become more resilient to changes in the climate as well as reducing friction between communities.

Solar powered irrigation

Access to renewable energy technologies can transform agricultural productivity. We work with smallholder farmers, the private sector and the government to facilitate new business models so that smallholder farmers have access to sustainable energy. 


Climate smart farming

Farmer field schools in Nepal offer the opportunity to learn new adaptation techniques. Technical staff assist farmers to grow seasonal crops and vegetables, giving farmers the confidence to try out new crops.This practical advice helps farmers to build resilience to flooding. 


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With a regular or single gift, you can support our work with poor people in developing countries.

Flood Resilience Programme

Building the resilience of poor communities vulnerable to flooding

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Floating farms

Combining fish and vegetables on floating platforms to increase income nutrition

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Managing forests sustainably

Improving food security through the sustainable management of forest resources

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