Agnes Mahero

Agnes Mahero runs a solar business in Kwisero Market, in Kakamega County, Western Kenya and happily displays her wares in the market centre of Ekero.

Before she started in business with solar products, Agnes bought and sold cereals from farmers, bulked them and delivered them for large buyers, earning around $70 a month. But, this enterprise did not provide enough to meet her family needs. Her earnings were limited by the storage space available.

“It was a lot of work with a small profit margin which left me most of the times in want,” she explained.

Agnes then trained an installer of rocket stoves installer and this was a good venture that made her some money.

When she found out about the solar products she was impressed her.

“I grew up in a green village and I would like to see everyone adopt cleaner sources of energy,” she quipped. She begun selling and promoting the products during market days in different towns. On a good day Agnes could make about $60.

Through the project she learned business and technology skills which have helped her to increase sales to $100 a week on solar home lighting products alone. She is doing well enough to need another pair of hands and has employed someone to help her.

She is now looking at opening a distribution centre which would reduce her transport costs and avoid market fees. Agnes is confident that with the skills gained she will be able to expand her business.

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