Urban Wash and Waste Management Services

The vision of Practical Action's urban services programme in Bangladesh is for “inclusive sustainable cities” in which slum dwellers and low income communities enjoy at least a basic level of services as part of their human right, and the foundation on which they can improve their life. The objective of the programme is to promote systems of decentralized urban governance and demonstrate appropriate WASH technologies responding to the needs of urban slum dwellers and low income communities.

The programme comprises the following four basic components:

1. Participation: Integrated Slum Improvement Model for sustainable urban poverty reduction
2. Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISWM) – which incorporates and makes space for the informal sector
3. Faecal Sludge Management which is beyond latrine for sustainable urban sanitation
4. Urban Hygiene Model for behavior and practice change

Where and with whom we work

The programme targets to reach directly 200,000 and indirectly 1 million urban slum dwellers in 7 selected cities (Dhaka and Gazipur) and towns (Faridpur, Jessore, Satkhira, Gaibandha and Bagerhat). Particular attention has been provided to socially excluded communities (dalit/harijan, cobbler, fishing, sweeper, scavenger, minority and ethnic etc.) i.e minority, disabled, widow, adolescent girls, women, children who have less access and influence on public resources for the improvement of WatSan services.

Major Activities of the Programme

1. Community Action Planning for Slum Upgrading
2. Local Authorities and Slum Communities Capacity Building
3. Facilitation for functional partnership among Municipality, NGO , Private Sector and slum dwellers association and federation
4. Demonstration of Innovative Infrastructures and Services
5. Beyond ODF and Faecal Sludge Management

     5.1. Waste to Biogas and Organic Fertilizer
     5.2. Ecological Sanitation
     5.3. Alternative Water Supply Options

6. Policy Influencing

     6.1. Introduce performance based targeted resource allocation by MLGRD&C to municipalities/cities to reduce urban Inequalities and poverty
     6.2. Access to municipal planning and budgeting by slum dwellers

7. Sectoral Coordination

Recently Completed Projects

  • Strengthening the innovative Initiatives (SaniMart, Waste to Bio gas,) promoted under the urban component of SHEWA-B and waste to Compost in Gaibandha Town (2013, UNICEF)
  • Faecal sludge management and services project (2013, WaterAid, Bangladesh)
  • Capacity building, coaching and monitoring of UPPR front line staff and core trainer groups on hygiene behavioral Change (2012, UNICEF)
  • Assistance for establishing a community based waste collection cum recycling plant through installation of a medium size biogas plant in a project (2012, UNICEF)
  • Assistance for establishing a community based waste collection cum recycling plant through installation of a medium size biogas plant in a project supported town (2011, UNICEF)
  • Design and implementation of the piloting of solid waste management In Mymensingh Pourashava concentrating on sustainable management of Kitchen wastes (2011, GIZ)
  • Action research on ecological alternatives in sanitation in difficult areas of Bangladesh (2011, UNICEF)
  • Integrated Support for Sustainable Urban Environment (ISSUE-II) (2010, WASTE the Netherlands)
  • Integrated actions to improving public and environmental health and reducing poverty for slum dwellers of Faridpur town, Bangladesh (IUD-Jersey) (2010, Jersey Overseas Aid)
  • Integrated Approaches to Improving the Urban Environment in Asia (IUD) (2009, EC)
  • Management of Digested Human Excreta (2009, DGIS)


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Project Evaluation


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Training/Orientation Materials:

User Manual/Guideline/ Catalogue

Video Documentary
55. Video Documentary on SHEWAB Project, 2012
56. Video Documentary on Waste Management at Gazipur, BTV, 2011
57. Video Documentary on Vermi Composting, Amar Desh, BTV, 2006
58. Video Documentary on IUDI-I Project, 2008
59. Video Documentary on GIZ SWM Mymensingh, 2011
60. Video Documentary on Eco toilet, 2011
61. Video Documentary on Waste Management and Biogas, Gaibandah Ai Pritthibi, BTV, 2012
62. Video Documentary on Waste Management and Compost, Faridpur, Ai Prithibi –BTV, 2012

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