Solar powered smart village, Barbujat, Sudan

The problem

In Sudan, more than 70% of people live in rural areas and access to sustainable energy in these areas is extremely low. Only 5% of families have access to electricity across North Darfur and lack of electricity has serious impacts on the quality of life for families.

It’s common for families to burn kerosene for light and firewood to provide heat and for cooking. The use of biomass fuels has had a devastating effect on the local environment with mass deforestation. Fuels such as charcoal, firewood and kerosene produce hazardous emissions and household air pollution, with serious impacts on health, especially for women and children. The WHO estimate over 4 million people die as a result of indoor smoke each year - more than TB, malaria and AIDS combined. Furthermore a lack of energy for clinics, schools and businesses has a huge impact on health, education and livelihoods.

This project will ensure that families living in Barbujat will finally have access to clean energy, which will transform their lives.

What we’re doing to help

Objective:  To bring clean solar energy to Barbujat

Integrated solar-power based smart village development in Barbujat, Sudan.

Location: Barbujat, North Darfur, Sudan
Number of beneficiaries: 1,200 households
Project date: January 2017 – January 2019
Principal funders: EKOenergy
Funding: €96,953

The Smart Solar Village project will provide solar lantern sets to 100 households, which will replace the use of kerosene and wood for indoor lighting that is so harmful to families’ health. 

In the local market place where small-scale trading and food and beverage vending are a vital source of livelihoods, 20 solar lanterns will be provided. A solar powered grain mill will be provided to replace current unreliable diesel operated mills that frequently breakdown and are costly to run, this will reduce the need of women to queue around the few functional mills for several hours a day.

Local clinics and schools will have access to reliable solar energy for the first time ever, ultimately improving health and education in the area. The system will produce 26,000 kWh of solar power each year.

Key project aims:

  • Achieve total energy access in Barbujat, for schools, clinics, businesses and homes
  • Reduce indoor air pollution and improve community health, safety and environment by replacing kerosene and wood with solar lighting
  • To strengthen rural markets and specifically support women-owned businesses improve their livelihoods in a healthier and safer working environment
  • Promote future take-up of affordable solar technology by developing individual and community revolving fund systems to enable others to access solar power, while promoting the impact of this project through knowledge brokering.

EKOenergy is a network of environmental organisations who promote the use of renewable energy and who develop tools to make renewable energy installations even more sustainable.

Sellers make a contribution for each MWh of EKOenergy sold to the Climate Fund to finance renewable energy projects such as this one.


Photos of Barbujat

Smart solar

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