Competition winners

Thank you to all who entered and supported our Beat the Flood competition.

We have been so impressed by the overall quality of entries. In particular we have appreciated the ways in which students have combined their understanding of the needs of the community living on Watu island with the application of their STEM skills to design and develop flood-resistant homes.

After much deliberation we are delighted to announce the overall winning entrants. 

Primary aged category : STEM club, Northlands Primary School, Warwickshire

'The presentation of the childrens work was outstanding, we particularly liked the testing of the different houses the children built. They all demonstrated a good cooperative approach that combined the different ideas and the testing and evaluation were excellent. Stilts to keep the houses out of the water and a sloping roof were common, the children also prioritised local materials. Very well done!'

Secondary aged category : STEM club, Clevedon School, North Somerset

'Excellent presentation of the diversity of flood threats with the priority to provide flood preparedness information and skills to communities living in flood prone areas.  The recognition that making a difference would be hard, but that nonetheless simple measures can help. The children stressed working with local conditions and their designs included local materials, built on local skills and thought about location in respect to the river and high ground, perhaps not surprising for children living in Somerset!  Clearly some future appropriate development practitioners in the making!' 

Colin McQuistan, Disaster Risk Reduction Policy Advisor



Enjoy watching the great winning entries and shortlisted designs and models from the Beat the Flood competition.

To view on YouTube.

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