Beat the Flood challenge

Pupils look at flooding around the world then design and build a model of a flood-proof house

Flooding due to climate change can have a devastating effect on people's lives. Set on the fictitious island of Watu, pupils explore how STEM skills can be used to help communities be better prepared for flooding.

The challenge: Working as a team pupils design and make a model of a home able to withstand the effects of flooding...then test it by standing it in water and blasting it with a hose pipe!.

The challenge is perfect for STEM clubs and integrating into your D&T and science lessons.

This activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST Star Investigators SuperStar award and a CREST Discovery award. For more information about the scheme please visit their website.

The teacher guidance and pupil activity sheets needed to run the challenge are free to download below.

Beat the Flood challenge in schools

Find out how primary and secondary schools are using the challenge.

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Competition winners

Beat the Flood competition winners announced.

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Beat the Flood poster

Free to order or print - an interactive poster featuring a flood-resistant home. Poster linked to the Beat the Flood challenge.

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Pupil activity sheets

All of the materials needed by pupils to complete the challenge.

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Material for teachers

Guidance and teaching material needed to deliver the challenge.

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A technical brief on flood-proof housing, a great secondary source of information to use with this challenge, is now available from the schools area of our website. 

This project is funded
by the European Union.

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