Beat the Flood poster

The Beat the Flood poster can be used by pupils to support research on flood-resistant homes. 

The top five features of the flood-resistant homes designed to withstand river flooding in Bangladesh descried below below will help pupils fill in the spaces on their poster.

1. Corrugated iron sheets are used on the roofs to make the houses more rain resistant.

2. Treated bamboo poles on concrete bases are strengthened with metal tie rods to hold the walls firmly and safely in place.

3. Houses are built on a plinth of sandy soil, brick and concrete. This makes the bases strong and high enough to last through repeated floods.

4. Fastenings bind the walls firmly to the houses skeleton through a network of holes and notches. This means the houses can stay standing through the strongest of winds and rain.

5. Jute panels make the walls resilient to floods, cost very little and are quick and easy to replace.

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A full colour poster that's printable in A3 format.

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