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In 2009 we opened our office in La Paz, Bolivia with the purpose of expanding our project work to meet the great challenge of reducing poverty and improving people’s livelihoods in this country.

We had previously been carrying out consulting services, since 1999, in the areas of energy, local governance, and disaster prevention. We have also been been members and promoters of the Latin American Network on micro hydro energy HIDRORED  since 1991.

Our work approach responds to the most urgent needs of less advantaged rural groups: disaster threats, associated with the physical characteristics of their territories; scarce livelihoods with low productivity and quality levels; very limited access to basic services, such as the supply of energy and potable water, which only reaches 40 and 29% of the rural population, respectively.

Our activities are developed with the invaluable support of prestigious local counterparts in the country, as well as with the support of the alliances and agreements established with state organizations, producers’ associations, and cooperation entities.

Calle Calle Presbítero Medina N°2922 (casi Romecín Campos),
La Paz, Bolivia

Teléfono: (591) 221-19345 / 2910761

Main projects in Bolivia

Improving energy access and supporting production with renewable energies in isolated communities in Bolivia
Goal: To improve the lives and livelihoods of the isolated rural community of Amaguaya by providing electricity through a micro-hydro scheme.
Donor: Swedish Postcode Foundation
Period: 2012-13

Sustainable Strengthening of the Livelihoods of Peasant Families in Colquencha
Goal: Contribute to reduce poverty among the 1,938 peasant families that live in the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Colquencha in the department of La Paz in the Bolivian High Plain.
Donor: European Community
Period: 2008-2011

Strengthening of the capacity of rural families to ensure food security, economical and environmental conditions in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Goal: improving rural food security, economical and environmental conditions for around 1,000 families in Cochabamba, Bolivia, whose principal activities are the cultivation of wheat, cereals, beekeeping.
Period: 2009-2012

Strengthening Community Risk Management Capacities in Peru and Bolivia
Goal: Develop resilience capacity in two communities (one in Bolivia and one in Peru) through the participatory construction and application of tools that will allow these communities to reduce their vulnerability to disasters and efficiently manage the disaster risks they are exposed to in their territories.
Location: Peru (Cajamarca – Huancavelica), Bolivia (Sucre – Santa Cruz).
Donor: Lutheran World Relief (LWR)
Period: 2008-2009

DIPECHO Bolivia: Emergency Prevention and Response in The Communities under the Jurisdiction of the Municipalities of Sipe Sipe and Vinto, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Goal: Develop capacities of responses to face disasters in schools, teachers, students and local leaders, in the municipalities of Vinto and Sipe Sipe, department of Cochabamba
Period: 2007-2008 Further information: English | Spanish

Read more about our work in Bolivia on the Soluciones Practicas Bolivia website (Spanish), or in English via a Google translation.

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