Building Adaptive Capacities for farmers in Peru

In Peru, Practical Action is at the forefront of helping people to adjust to the increasing threat from climate change. We are implementing projects that are helping communities in some of the poorest rural areas of the country to deal with the most frequent disaster risks and hazards. The regions include Piura, Lambayeque, Puno, Cusco, Ancash, Ucayali and Apurímac. 

Practical Action has initiated a ‘School for resilient Farmer Leaders’ in Ancash, through which local people are trained in various aspects of improved production. Climate change is already having a significant effect on the local environment and farmers must be able to adapt their farming practices over time to cope with these changes. Those that have been to the training days transfer their knowledge to back to the local communities so that each household can then pass on the knowledge to one another.

An  outcome of Practical Action's work in Peru is that improved guinea pig breeds have been introduced to cross with local varieties which has resulted in improved reproductive capacities and larger animal size as well as keeping the local characteristic of being able to with stand the increasingly cold temperatures in the highlands. 

Rosa Maque (pictured above) has been trained in better guinea pig breeding, feeding and cleaning. She looks after her guinea pigs at home whilst her husband trains others in their community on how to look after their livestock. They have won many prizes for their healthy guinea pigs as well as the guinea pig food they cultivate and sell.

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