Case studies - inclusive markets

Through this page you can access a wide variety of case studies and tools from Practical Action's work in inclusive markets, both internationally and in the countries where we work.

The new Kamayoq

Since 1997 Practical Action has been working with resource-poor farming communities in the Peruvian Andes, exploring alternative approaches to extension service provision.

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Local para-vets in Cajamarca, Peru

Trust and win-win relations transforming dairy markets In Cajamarca (Northern Peru), Practical A...

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Swiss-style mountain cheese

Participatory Market Chain Analysis: creating the hooks to engage private actors In the mounta...

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Sri Lanka fisheries

PMCA as a means for the coordination of service providers and influence on governmental agencies in a post-crisis situation

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Online Interest Forum, Sri Lanka

An innovative way of bringing market stakeholders together to develop the lagoon fisheries Intro...

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Guar bean cultivation in Zimbabwe

Guar is a leguminous crop with commercial uses as a food stabiliser, mineral coagulant in mining, and animal feed. After demand was expressed by one large mining company in 2002, Practical Action ...

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Hibiscus in Sudan

In 2003, Practical Action in Sudan began work with hibiscus farmers (who are mainly women) in remote western Sudan, the main production area.

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Case studies from Bangladesh: milk

Participatory Market Chain Analysis: market actors understanding themselves as part of a system

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New life to the forests

Practical Action is helping the Chinchipe communities in the Amazon cloud forests to protect their environment while, at the same time, improving their livelihoods.

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Livestock Market Development in Zimbabwe

Download the full case study (with pics) here! Recognising the importance of cattle farming...

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