Case studies

The following case studies illustrate the results of some of Practical Action Eastern Africa's work:

Solar dryers

Charles Mureithi is a teacher and farmer in Laikipia District, Kenya. After reading a Practical Action publication that had been distributed to his local Community Knowledge Centre, he used it to build a solar dryer to provide green vegetables all year round for his family.

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Sharing knowledge to strengthen food security

Farmer Jane Kirambia knows that there is a strong link between food security and seed security. Seed shows provide a suitable forum for farmers to share information and exchange seeds.

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Mobile libraries of Magadi

Using donkeys to transport books, mobile libraries can help to improve adult literacy and offer new opportunities to people in Magadi.

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Community-based animal health workers

Formal veterinary services often do not reach the remote areas where many pastoralists live, such as the Turkana region of northern Kenya. Community Based Animal Health Workers are important in bridging this gap.

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