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Climate Change Electronic Forum

Climate Change Electronic ForumClimate change has become a global concern, with communities, particularly in rural areas now facing greater risks of natural disasters, such as prolonged droughts, flooding, and disease outbreaks among others. This, in combination with other factors will worsen the food supply, and increase vulnerability to diseases , which will exacerbate the widespread poverty in the region. The impact of these adverse climate changes will be exacerbated by the lack of adapting strategies, which are increasingly limited due to inadequate access to knowledge, and lack of technical and financial capacity among key stakeholders to support such actions.

In response to these challenges, Practical Action Southern Africa is launching a Climate Change Electronic Forum

The objective of this Forum therefore, is to explore, discuss and pool information on climate change issues affecting Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa Region. More specifically, focus will be on discussing strategies on how vulnerable populations can cope with and adapt to climate change, and the role of local institutions in enhancing their capacity to adapt.

The E-Forum brings together practitioners, policy makers, the academia and the media to share information, best practices and experience on issues related climate change.

The E-Forum will also provide a repository of knowledge, and a platform for exchange of information on events, research publications, workshops and conferences, news, funding opportunities, vacancies and consultancy opportunities.

To register and become a member of the E-Forum, please follow the link below:

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