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What is climate change?

'Climate change' generally refers to a long-term change (usually an increase) in global temperatures. Since the beginning of the last century, the average global temperature has risen by 0.75 degrees, and over the coming decades the world could see a further rise in average temperature of up to 4 degrees, with some regions of the world experiencing temperature rises of as much as 16 degrees.

Climate change doesn't just cause temperatures to rise (indeed in some places temperatures have fallen), scientists also believe that climate change is causing an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters.

What causes climate change?

The causes of climate change is a complicated and often contentious topic. However, there is strong evidence that natural causes (e.g. variations in output from the sun) can't explain our changing climate alone. Instead, it is increasinly believed that the activities and lifestyles of the earth's human population are causing the changes.

To find out more about climate change, why not watch this video from the Met Office:

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