Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD)

Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD)

Country: Nepal
Dates: October 2014 - September 2019
Project Manager: Gehendra Gurung

Disasters can hit any part of the world and it is the poor who are the most vulnerable. At Practical Action, we strive to alleviate risk to the poor by developing means to prepare for floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. This project assists governments and other stakeholders in a flexible and responsive manner to meet the following objectives: transform their system of planning and delivery; build knowledge and capacity of political leaders, government, practitioners and investors; technical support to help government and communities design and deliver climate resilience and low carbon measure; and leverage and shape investments for climate compatible development.

As a start-up work, CPGD programme identified three climate change areas of work which are:

  • Strengthening local government: includes supporting Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) to integrate climate change in its Environment Friendly Local Governance (EFLG) Programme. This support will help government with necessary capacity support to integrate climate change into local development planning and implementation process
  • Supporting Knowledge Exchange: includes support to Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Centre (NCCKMC) of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) to understand national and local demand and supply of climate change knowledge management in Nepal
  • Climate Finance at the local level: aims to support Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) to strengthen government systems to integrate climate change in planning and budgeting process and ensure improvement of climate compatible investments. This support on climate finance also seeks to build collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

One of the major achievements of the programme in this reporting period is being designated as a focal point for contact at Climate Change Management Division (CCMD) at Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE), Nepal.

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