Community-based extension reviews

Please see the downloads below for our latest work on community based extension:

Agricultural Extension Conference Paper for Innovations in Extension and Advisory Services Conference, Nairobi 2011

Hilary Warburton, Stuart Coupe et al.

Poster presented at the 'Innovations in Extension and Advisory Services' International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, Nov 2011

Hilary Warburton, Stuart Coupe, Susan Upton, Agricultural Extension

PowerPoint presentation for Innovations in Agricultural Advisory Systems Conference, Nairobi, November 2011

Presentation on Practical Action's Agricultural Extension work.

Implementing Community Based Extension Briefing Paper

Food and Livelihood Security Lesson Learning Study including Community Extension from Bangladesh

Impact of Community Based Animal Health Workers in Samburu District, Kenya

Impact of Kamayoq (Community-Based Extensionists) in Canchis Province, Cusco Region, Peru

Food and Livelihood Security Lesson Learning Study Including Community Extension, Sudan

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