Concept Cartoons - Environmental Issues

A series of Concept Cartoons produced by Millgate House Education in partnership with Practical Action

These five concept cartoons are examples from the Environmental Issues series produced by  Millgate House Education. They help pupils explore environmental issues that affect the lives of people around the world, including those living in developing countries.

Concept Cartoons are quick, simple and effective. They are designed to intrigue, provoke discussion and stimulate thinking. Concept Cartoons make concepts problematic and provide an engaging stimulus for learning. Every Concept Cartoon is guaranteed to provoke ferocious discussion and leave pupils wanting to know more.

For further Concept Cartoons  go to the Millgate House Education website

Yummy Yoghurt Makers - CREST star activity

A CREST stars investigation where primary pupils investigate how to make yoghurt like farmers in Bangladesh.

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World Science Day For Peace and Understanding

A special concept cartoon to raise awareness of World Science Day for Peace and Understanding.

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Water conservation

This cartoon help pupils explore l issues around accessing, storing and cleaning water. It also looks at the water cycle and the need to save water.

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Pupils compare how recycling and reusing materials reduces the use of energy and benefits the environment.

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Growing food

This Concept Cartoon helps pupils explore environmental issues around growing and importing food.

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Free energy

This Concept Cartoon help pupils explore different energy sources and question whether energy is ever free.

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Climate change

Pupils explore issues around climate change; what causes it and how it affects people's lives using this Concept Cartoon.

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