Peace and Grazing Committees in Kenya

In North-West Kenya, close to the border with Uganda, recurrent drought and disease epidemics have had devastating effects on pastoralist’s livelihoods. The situation has led to increasing cattle raiding by neighbouring tribes which accounts for over 70% of deaths amongst males aged 30-39 in the region. Practical Action has helped to establish two peace and grazing committees to build local capacity to solve conflict in the area. These committees are now seen as legitimate representatives on matters of conflict resolution and grazing management by both communities and government. There has even been cross border meetings and dialogue that has resulted in stolen livestock being traced and return to their rightful owners is Uganda. In the opinion of local residents, this could never have happened before. Also herders from opposing tribes across the border are also sharing grazing areas and water sources without conflict, something which has not been achieved in over 10 years.

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