Practical Action Consulting: Eastern Africa

Where development work and business opportunities meet to eradicate poverty

Practical Action Consulting Eastern Africa (PAC EA), is the dynamic consulting arm of the international NGO, Practical Action. PAC’s operations in Eastern Africa began in the early 1990s and have expanded through the direct delivery of projects as well as training and capacity-building . We provide demand-driven, value-added services to a range of clients, including local and international NGOs, donor agencies, government departments and the private sector. Our work covers the entire East African region, in particular  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland.

Our expert consultants take lessons learned from the work of Practical Action and respond across a much broader geographic region, delivering projects covering key issues such as renewable energy, climate change and market development. In particular, PAC EA successfully extends the outreach and impact of Practical Action’s work in private sector development.

Contact us

Nairobi office


telephone: +254 20 2595 311


Practical Action Consulting
P.O. Box 39493 - 00623

Rwanda office


telephone: +250 782 538 843
+250 (0)735332982


Practical Action Consulting Rwanda
Nyarugenge District
Muhima Sector
Nyabugogo Avenue

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