Practical Action Consulting: Latin America

Practical Action Consulting Latin America (PAC LA) is the regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean.  It provides independent and professional consulting for taking people out of poverty with appropriate technologies, good evidence and institutional change. It belongs to a global group with solid local roots; and has a high-level, experienced and interdisciplinary staff working with strong clients and partners. PAC LA contributes to Practical Action self-sustainability.

PAC LA undertakes projects of varying levels of complexity and duration, according to the clients’ needs.  We work in partnership with and for NGOs, development agencies, government departments, research institutions, community groups and the private sector. 

Consultancy services from field work towards policy impact
Practical Action working model is based on working with people on the grown, research and learn from that, and uptake that evidence for informing policy-making. Based on that approach, PAC LA provides technical assistance, build learning, generate evidence and inform policy on:
• Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction
• Low Carbon Development and Energy
• Livelihoods and Markets Development
• Knowledge management and south-south exchange

Geographic scope
Based in Lima, Peru, PAC LA has been providing high-quality consultancy services for over twenty years  and has successfully completed assignments mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mexico.

For further information please look at our brochure or visit our Spanish language site:

Contact our Latin America office


telephone: (511) 441-2950,
(511) 441-3035,
(511) 441-3235,
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Practical Action Consulting
Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
257 Tomas A Edison St.
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