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“PAC is really effective... fantastic presentation and facilitation. The section on market selection was very useful as it is a key step for suitable interventions”, Indra Eckstein, freelance consultant

EMMA training equips participants with market-oriented tools to respond rapidly and effectively to sudden-onset emergencies.

Emergencies often cause damage to market functions and trade networks. These problems can be made worse by inappropriate humanitarian responses. Programming base on EMMA recommendations can reduce aid dependency, promote long term recovery and increase the stability of local markets that provide people with goods, services and sources of income. The EMMA toolkit was developed by Practical Action Consulting for Oxfam GB and International Rescue Committee UK. By using this toolkit, non-technical staff can collect market and economic livelihood information that is needed to identify opportunities and inform decision-makers.

Practical Action Consulting runs 5-day intensive EMMA training courses in international locations suitable for members of staff leading early assessments on the front line during sudden-onset emergencies and during the transition to early recovery programming. EMMA is for humanitarian and NGO relief managers and for decision makers responsible for planning initial and early responses to crisis.

EMMA is designed for generalists, as well as staff specializing in food security, shelter, disaster risk reduction, water and sanitation and market and livelihoods sectors.

Upcoming EMMA training courses

Highlights of EMMA training in Nepal

The first international training conducted by Practical Action Consulting on Emergency Market Mapping Analysis (EMMA) from 19 – 23rd March, 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal was completed successfully. This document is an overview of the training that took place.

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For more information on EMMA training in the Asia region, please contact Practical Action Consulting Asia (Nepal): Swechya Mathema

For more information on EMMA training in the UK, please contact Practical Action Consulting UK:

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