Knowledge and Communications

PAC works in the field of knowledge and communications through a range of projects and initiatives. Experience includes knowledge sharing platforms, social campaigns, interactive toolkits and strategies for policy making impact.

We are able to draw on over 40 years’ of experience, knowledge products and technical briefs from Practical Answers, our in-house technical enquiries service which reaches over three million people every year, to deliver tailored products that are appropriate for your needs.

Our communication efforts ensure smooth and continuous feedback and learning processes among different stakeholders such as government institutions, small producers, local entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, the media and the private sector. PAC is able to develop and deliver communications products and channels that allows for information exchange, knowledge management and the scaling-up and replication of successful initiatives.

Context and culture specific:  PAC is made up of international teams staffed with local experts to understand requirements for information which consider different cultural backgrounds and experiences that often dictate how effectively messages will be received. Practical Action has extensive experience of the need to “accompany and contextualise” information through its technical enquiries service, Practical Answers. This will mean sometimes adding a little value and a little extra information, and on other occasions, stripping matters down to bare essentials.

Strengthening existing networks and relationships: We engage with existing knowledge networks and strengthen relationships between key actors, thereby capitalising on established and trusted knowledge brokers. Enabling and promoting dialogue is a key way of ensuring lasting project success.

Accessibility: PAC consultancies aim to provide its target audiences with access to appropriate information in a useable format. A range of web and non-web based communications methods are developed to meet user demand and facilitate accessibility to supply side knowledge.

Iterative, tailored approach: PAC consultancies adopt a communications approach that focuses on synthesising the supply of information into a range of knowledge products to meet diverse user requirements.

  • Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA), funded by DFID. PAC Latin America is the lead organisation on this knowledge sharing and learning platform, that is drawing development lessons from Latin America and sharing them with Africa and Asia.
  • Guidebook of Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector, funded by UNEP. Watch our Prezi that outlines the methodology used by the PAC Latin America team to create the guide, which is currently being used in regional trainings by UNEP. 

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Contact our International Knowledge and Communications Team

Latin America and the Caribbean

Contact: Alicia Quezada- PAC LA Manager

Address: 257 Tomas A Edison Str, San Isidro, Lima,pe

UK Head Office

Address: The Robbins Building, 25 Albert Street, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2SD, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1926 634403


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