Practical Action Consulting (PAC) South Asia

PAC South Asia Regional Office is in Kathmandu, Nepal. PAC has established registered country offices in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. It aims to increase the geographic footprint of Practical Action with the delivery of quality services.

So far, PAC South Asia has implemented projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in South Asia Region.

Practical Action Consulting

Practical Action Consulting (PAC) is the dynamic consulting arm of the international NGO, Practical Action.

PAC takes the lessons learned from the work of Practical Action and pushes them out across a much broader geographic region in pursuit of scale and influence. PAC provides quality, efficient and effective consulting services by combining international experts with local and regional specialists, delivering projects through our regional offices in the UK, Eastern Africa (Nairobi, Kigali), Southern Africa (Harare), South Asia (India, Kathmandu), and Latin America (Lima) staffed with experienced development experts.

How we work
PAC delivers its services through a strong network of experts and associates all around the world along with international as well as local partners for effective service delivery. We bring in international experts with local and regional specialists, delivering projects through our headquarters in the UK and regional offices in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia and Latin America staffed with experienced development experts. We are committed to engage in projects which show a long-term pro-poor impact.

Who we work with
We provide independent and consulting services in the use of technology for poverty reduction to governments, NGOs, donors and the private sector.

Practical Action Consulting in Nepal

Practical Action Consulting (PAC) Asia was established as a regional office in Nepal in 2008 and operates through its office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then, PAC Asia has been offering high quality development consultancy services to NGOs, development agencies, governments, bilateral and multilateral donors and the private sector throughout the central and south Asian region. PAC Asia is involved in direct delivery of its portfolio of work in Nepal, Bangladesh, north east and west India, Bhutan and other region wide projects. It also offers indirect delivery capabilities through partners in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

PAC Asia ensures that technology and innovation feature heavily in its work, while focusing on the four goal areas of the group. PAC Asia places particular focus on climate change and disaster risk reduction in order to create a more rounded portfolio of work to compliment the strong energy base.  The team works primarily to influence policy and practice. To do this, PAC Asia seeks consultancy opportunities that require technical assistance in the form of services and advice, knowledge provision as part of a focused policy influencing process, action research to build an evidence base, up-scaling of best practices coming out of Practical Action, and leading of piloting of innovation

PAC Nepal is a not-for-profit consulting firm registered with the Office of Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry of Government of Nepal on 20.12.2013. It has the mandate to donate all its profits to local charity (every year).

Contact us

For more information from Practical Action Consulting Asia, please contact the office:

Practical Action South Asia
Indira House,
House No.1114
Panipokhari Hill,

Telephone: +977-1-4423639/4423640
Fax: +977-1-4423632

Postal address: PO Box 15135, Kathmandu, Nepal

(Please note new address, from 2 May 2016 - map)

Tel: +977-1-4423639, 4423640

Fax: +977 1 4423632

PAC Regional Manager: Anuj Dhoj Joshi



Our clients

PAC team have built a number of strong relationships with clients in the private and public sector. We provide consultancy services to the governments, development agencies and the private sector including:

    IFC World Bank
    Zurich Insurance
    Grand Challenges Canada
    ICIMOD Myanmar
    WWF Myanmar


Capability statements

PAC Brochure

PAC Brochure 2015

PAC General Leaflet

Energy Capability Statement

PAC Climate Change Capability Statement

Markets Capability Statement

Thematic areas

PAC Nepal provides quality, efficient and effective consulting services in the areas of following thematic areas:

  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Energy
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Markets
  • Climate Change
  • Knowledge and Communication 

Disaster Risk Reduction

We apply an integrated approach to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and developing Early Warning System ensuring linkages between livelihoods, climate change and governance issues are at the heart of any intervention to achieve positive development outcomes for the poor. PAC South Asia has been supporting the national effort to reduce and mitigate impacts of natural disasters. To tackle such challenges, PAC South Asia aims to establish and operate community based early warning systems (CBEWS), disaster preparedness, community based disaster risk management planning and emergency market mapping and analysis. There is strong evidence that inclusion of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into national level policies is not having an impact at the local level, and this gap at local authority level is a real obstacle to scaling up community-based disaster risk reduction.


We lead innovative work with a range of energy technologies – conversion equipment such as solar PV and charcoal systems, as well as hydro or win-powered mini-grids and end-use appliances such as cookstoves – that can transform poor people’s homes, livelihoods and communities.

Agriculture and Food Security

We work to increase income and access to food for the poor through promoting sustainable agriculture production systems, provision of knowledge to small-scale farmers, providing sustainable market system interventions, capacity building and work with agribusiness supply chains. We use Participatory Market Systems Development (PMSD) as an approach for  improved participatory and systematic market to reduce poverty.


We apply approaches like PMSD as well as Market for poor and Value Chain development to increase the basic skills of the marginalised people to respond to market opportunities, in collaboration with other market actors and the promotion of inclusive business. Our participatory approach ensures poor people can engage in markets, and use them to work their own way out of poverty.

Climate Change

Climate change is integrated into all of our thematic areas of work. Our experts work with communities to identify climate induced impacts to livelihoods, develop appropriate adaptation strategies to reduce vulnerability and improve future prospects. We are one of the pioneers in Climate Smart Agriculture especially in Nepal and have gained experience in South Asia.

Knowledge and Communications

We provide tailored communication products that facilitate smooth, continuous feedback and learning processes among different stakeholders such as government institutions, small producers, policy makers and the private sector. In addition, we organize national and international commercial trainings to relevant stakeholders. 

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