Poor people's energy outlook reports

Client: Practical Action 

Origin of funding: Practical Action, GIZ, UNDP

Country: International

Project Value: £100 000 (per annum)

Dates: Annual publication

Lead Office: PAC UK

Description of the Project:

The Poor people’s energy outlook (PPEO) presents a unique perspective on energy access in developing countries. It reports in unprecedented detail the experiences of energy use and deprivation of people living in poverty.

The PPEO is an annual publication, now in its third year.  Consecutive reports have focused on energy use in the home, enterprise and community services.  The report seeks to raise the profile and improve the conceptual understanding of energy access in the development community.

The report is an important advocacy tool in Practical Action’s work influencing key global initiatives such as the Sustainable Energy for All movement.  The report has proposed indicators for defining and measuring access to energy – including the Energy Supply Index, Total Energy Access minimum service standards and the Energy Access Ecosystem Health Index.

The Steering Group for the report comprises GIZ, UNDP, UNIDO, FAO and the WB / ESMAP.  It is peer reviewed by a number of global energy experts.

Work carried out by PAC team: 

PAC UK led the project management and coordination of the report production, research coordination, peer review process management, fundraising and communications of the report.  PAC East Africa, Latin America and Asia have conducted primary research with households enterprises and community services such as health centres and schools. The testimonies of people living in energy poverty were brought together with perspectives from practitioners with decades of experience working to create access. 


For further information and to download publications click below

PPEO 2010

PPEO 2012

PPEO 2013

PPEO 2014

PPEO 2016

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