CREST Silver Awards are designed for secondary pupils. To achieve an award pupils need to complete 30 + hours of project work and can gain ideas from the CREST project resources area of the British Science Association's website.

  • 13-16 years (typically)
  • Assessed by an external assessor 
  • Students write a project report and complete a CREST student profile form or workbook 

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Practical Action resources that are suitable for this level are below.

Stop the Spread

A STEM challenge enabling pupils to investigate how to stop the spread of infectious diseases and build a hand-washing device.

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Beat the Flood challenge

Challenge your pupils to use their STEM skills to design and make a model of home for their community living in a flood-prone region of Watu Island.

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Power for the World

Pupils discover out how access to energy differs around the world and get the chance to build their own wind turbine

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Incredible Inoculations

Project ideas around vaccinations and infectious diseases that can be used to gain CREST awards

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Global Project Ideas

Ideas and support materials for STEM projects linked to the Global Goals. Can be used for CREST awards and extended projects.

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Floating Garden Challenge

Pupils find a solution to a problem faced by farmers in to grow crops even when their land is flooded as a result of climate change.

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Ditch the Dirt

An exciting NEW challenge for pupils to 'clean' dirty water through making and testing water filters.

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The Squashed Tomato Challenge

A fun hands-on activity based on a real life problem in Nepal. The challenge: to design and build a model system that can transport tomatoes.

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Plastics Challenge

Pupils find out more about the properties of plastics and come up with solutions to problems caused by waste plastics globally.

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Design For A Better World

A new design challenge and competition for students to develop an idea for a technology that will address a Global issue.

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Worldwide Washing

Project ideas around sanitation, hygiene and infectious diseases that can be used to gain CREST awards

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Wind Power Challenge

In this STEM challenge pupils look at wind power then design and build a simple wind powered machine to lift a cup off the floor.

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