Sustainable Starter activities

Starter Activities

We've just added lots of new activities on Technology Justice, that will enable you raise issues with your students around the technologies we need and want to use, and the global impacts of those choices.


Power Point

A Power Point presentation which helps you lead your pupils through the activities.

Belief Circles worksheet : What's the role of a designer?

A worksheet to enable students to think about their views of the roles and responsibilities of designers.

Product pairs

A hands on starter activity enabling students to compare the sustainability criteria of two products.

Winners and losers

An evaluation activity to assess the impact of different people throughout a product's life stages.

Line ups

A group or whole class activity to enable students to position themselves along a sustainability line up.

Let's negotiate

A small team activity to help students develop specification criteria for their own designing and making activity

The activities below are slightly longer introductory activities that have accompanying powerpoints and linked starter activities.

Product Lifecycle Analysis - impacts on people and environment

Classroom resources to help key stage 3 and 4 students understand the impact of existing and new products on people and the environment.

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Sustainable Design - What's the role of a designer?

A presentation and linked activities to help D&T teachers highlight the different values and beliefs that designers may hold.

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