Dairy for development

The problem

The high cost of milk production reduces competitiveness in Nepal's dairy industry. Challenges include a lack of access to better breeds and inefficient husbandry management. Farmers also have insufficient technical information or veterinary, finance and marketing knowledge.

This programme focuses on enhancing production techniques, strengthening value chains and improving the genetics and health of dairy cows to increase productivity and lower production costs to boost rural livelihoods. 

What we’re doing to help

Objective: Improving the livelihoods of dairy farmers in Nepal through better production and marketing

Dairy for development in Nepal

Location: Chitwan, Makwanpur and Nawalparasi regions, Nepal.
Number of beneficiaries: 5,000 dairy farmers
Project date: April 2018 - March 2021
Partners: FORWARD Nepal
Principal funders: Jersey Overseas Aid
Funding: £400,000

This project will build the capacity of smallholder dairy farmers and help them to introduce better production techniques. Making artifical insemination available will help farmers to improve the genetic stock of their cattle.  Improving vetinerary and extension services in rural areas will help them keep their herds healthier. Training for with farmers on product development and marketing will help them to boost sales and increase incomes.

Project outcomes

  • Increased access to improved breeding services
  • 30 milk collection centres established
  • 100 forage seed multipliers developed
  • 5,000 rural dairy farmers trained in improved production practices
  • 50 Village Animal Health Workers trained to deliver veterinary services
  • Increased access to nutritious forage and forage seed to improve milk production and quality

“At first farmers were reluctant to switch to green forage from traditional crops, even though the conventional farming yielded them low return. But when they became aware of the contribution of green forage to increased milk production, and additional income generating opportunity of seed multiplication, they were interested.! – Forage seed producer, Dinanath Dhakal, Nawalparasi, Nepal


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Technical resources on livestock

Our technical information service has information, much of it available in local languages, to help farmers look after their livestock

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Market systems

Practical Action has a large body of experience on market systems in our work around the world

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