Demonstration of Barsha pump in Nepal

An innovative and sustainable design of water pump for agricultural irrigation was demonstrated in western Nepal.

On the occasion of the World Water Day, a demonstration event of Barsha pump was organised at Haritjyoti Organic Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd in Waling, Syangja of Western Nepal, where the pump has been installed. The Director of Regional Agricultural Directorate of Western Region of Nepal Mr. Lekhnath Acharya inaugurated the Barsha pump amidst the presence of District Agriculture Development Officers from 16 different districts and several dignified guests including regional politicians, officers, members of co-operatives and students from the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus.

The Barsha pump was very well received by the guests who praised the innovation and talked about the potential of the technology in several areas of Nepal. Mr. Acharya talked about the importance of irrigation in the rapidly growing sector of commercial farming in Nepal and elaborated how the Barsha pump could serve as a milestone innovation in providing adequate irrigation service to farmers.

The Barsha pump, installed in the Haritjyoti site, is serving around 50 ropanis (2.5 hectares) of vegetable farming.

Five micro-sprinkler heads are directly coupled to the Barsha pump, which run continuously 24/7 without any fuel, electricity or operating costs. All the people, working in the farm, need to do, is to shift the sprinkler heads to different areas, which need to be irrigated from time to time.

For the Haritjyoti farm, which had used and abandoned diesel pumps because of its running costs and had invested in getting a three-phase electricity line to the farm to be able to run electric pumps, the Barsha pump is an exciting solution to keep their irrigation costs low and to help grow their cultivated area. The farm was devastated by flood in 2014 and is being renovated and re-farmed with plans to cover the 500 ropanis (25 hectares) land in the coming year.

During the event, the pump was handed over to the farm, for continuous use and monitoring after the demonstration event.

The demonstration day was organised in collaboration between Practical Action and aQysta as a part of the Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development programme and was a success with the local support.

The demonstration event was conducted with an aim to create demand for the Barsha pump by making organisations and people aware about the benefits and working of the pump. aQysta and Practical Action are looking to scale up the implementation of the Barsha pump in Nepal by localising the manufacturing and distribution value chain, and selling thousands of Barsha pumps across Nepal.

Agriculture, markets and food security

This programme strives to bring a visible impact on food security situation in rural areas through improving the agricultural input technology, increasing access to smallholders' friendly irrigation scheme, and market system development.

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