Key stages 4 and 5 design briefs - Construction and the built environment

The following design contexts and specific design briefs have linked websites for further information to support each brief.

An exhibition of yourself - designing a space for designers and architects to learn more about sustainable design.

Starter home - design a starter home suitable for the area in which you live.

Working from home - design a suitable indiividual or shared workspace.

Courtyard development - develop a sustainable courtyard space for a building of your choice.

Mood Rooms - create a sustainable space that creates a desired effect/mood for a chosen user.

School spaces - design a sustainable space with a school of your choice.

Support information on sustainable housing design

In addition to links found within the design briefs, for further detailed information on different topics such as siting and orientation, materials choice,  energy in construction and use, relating to sustainable building design then go to the following Buildings page.

 In addition, help your student's learn about the construction techniques and materials used in Earthquake resistant homes in Peru and our flood resistant housing in Bangladesh.

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