Disaster Management in Nepal: needs for improvement

Lessons learned from community-based disaster risk reduction

This document is the outcome of learning at work of Practical Action, Nepal along with communities, government agencies and other stakeholders and review of different approaches and concepts on disaster management at policy and practice in Nepal.

download 'Disaster Management in Nepal: needs for improvement' (Nepali PDF, 3Mb)Hazard events putting stresses on community livelihoods and leading to disasters are in increasing trend in Nepal. Changing climate will aggravate the problem generated by unplanned settlement and development, population increase and other socio-economic chaos.

Policies and practices are more concerned on larger disastrous events and focus is on rescue and relief. But negligence on small scale hazards and stresses which are more frequent and increasing in the context of climate change are likely to claim more assets and factors of livelihoods. Small hazard sources, if neglected and not mitigated in time, grow into severe hazards beyond system's resistance and communities' coping capacity.

Therefore, there is need to improve and change the paradigm of disaster management in Nepal. This warrants mainstreaming livelihood issues into disaster risk reduction and integration of disaster management into development process.

This document explores gaps and appropriate direction to disaster management in Nepal at both police and practice through the following chapters:

  1. briefly explores on disaster risks in Nepal
  2. explores interrelationship livelihoods of community and disasters
  3. analyses linkages between poverty and disaster vulnerability followed by appropriate policy and practice to address the associated problems
  4. critically reviews policies and strategies of Nepal linked to DRR and natural resources management linked to DRR in brief
  5. tries to reveal the shortcomings in disaster management with suggesting appropriate appropriates
  6. focuses on need and importance of mainstreaming DRR into development process
  7. describes some examples of lesson learned from different projects
  8. provides recommendations for policy and practice as conclusion.

Each chapter tries to provide appropriate solutions to the raised issues therein.

Download Disaster Management in Nepal: needs for improvement (Nepali, PDF, 3Mb)

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