Building disaster resilient communities in Pokhara sub-metropolitan

The project will build the capacity of communities to respond and prepare for disasters. The project adopts a community based approach in line with the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (NSDRM).

The project will reach out directly to 17,000 poor and excluded people (3,000 households) including women living in the slums of Pokhara valley from 3,000 households.

The direct targets of the project are poor and excluded communities, especially women and students. Indirectly, the project will benefit over 200,000 people in Pokhara sub-metropolitan city through mass awareness raising and mass communication.

Nepal earthquake

On 25 April 2015 a massive earthquake hit Nepal. Many people we work with in three of our projects in Gorkha, Pokhara and Kathmandu were seriously affected. Our staff delivered emergency help with sanitation, hygiene, drinking water, energy and shelter, and we are now planning reconstruction.

We are helping people rebuild their houses with earthquake resilient technologies, and we will continue to support communities to be resilient in the future, with infrastructure work for drinking water, sanitation and energy, and disaster-preparedness.

Read more about our plans for long-term reconstruction in Nepal

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