Electronic and Systems Design briefs and activities - key stages 4 and 5

The following design briefs and activities are supported by extensive background information to support the students.

Solar power

Design and make a solar water heating system for a context of your choice.

Solar lantern in Kenya - Product Analysis.

Water systems 

Design a water harvesting system - context Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Design a system for moving water - context Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales.


Design a way of dealing with biodegradable waste

Designing systems for small-scale food producers.

Contexts for generating your own design briefs.


STEM Challenges - suitable for lessons, clubs or extra curricular days.

Windpower challenge - modelling activity.

Squashed tomato challenge - modelling a transport system.

Small is Challenge - designing a sustainable product for the future.

In addition we have a range of our Global CREST Award Challenges providing designing and making challenges.

Further information from Practical Action

Practical Action has a wide range of technical information from its international project work that can support many of the design projects above. To access this contextualised technical information go to our Technical briefs and select the relevant topic.


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