Electronic Products and Systems case studies

Practical Action's product case stories have been developed from inspirational product stories around the world. They include information about the product's development, specification details with linked teaching activities.

Case stories from the UK

A water balanced railway - in Wales

A solar heated home - in Oxford, UK. 

Wind Up radio - as developed by Trevor Bayliss 

International Case stories

Play as you pump water - childrens roundabout  are being developed to pump water in South Africa.

Solar lantern  - a solar light developed for use in Kenya.

Inspired ideas from Practical Action

There are many inspirational stories from Practical Action's international project work that include the use of Electronic products and systems. They include technical information and often video clips of the projects.

 Renewable energy 

Micro-hydro systems in Kenya

Wind power systems in Sri Lanka

Solar power in Nepal - visit the 'Impact' tab

Sustainable Transport systems

Gravity ropeways and tuins in Nepal

Communication systems

Podcasting - how communities in Peru are sharing vital information.

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