Electronic and systems material information

There are many different types of materials that designers use in developing new products. All materials and processes have different advantages and disadvantages and vary in their impact towards the environment and people.

For more information to help your decisions. View,

Material choices and impact

Choosing materials - the basics of making choices.

Materials types - advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

Information on electronic products end of life stage 

Recycling leglislation on electronic products.

WEE man - background facts on quantities of electronic waste in the UK.

Battery power - an update with activities on battery use.

To help student's think through the impact on people and the environment - carry out a Life Cycle Analysis Activity on an Electronic Product or System

Information from Practical Answers

Practical Action has a wealth of free, downloadable technical information on a range of Electronic and Systems topics including energy. To download our these contextualised technical information sheets go to our Technical briefs based on energy.

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