Did you know that a fifth of the world’s population still lives in the dark with no access to electricity and women still give birth whilst holding their own candle?

Energy access affects every aspect of our lives. Hospitals rely on it to offer 24-hour care, to deliver babies at night and to perform life-saving procedures. Businesses rely on it to produce products and to be connected to the internet to market and sell those products. We all rely on energy to keep us safe, to light our streets. And of course, for our children, who need energy access so they can get quality education.

For farmers in Malawi, energy literally means the difference between feeding their family and them going hungry.

Solar power is a clean and sustainable solution for communities living in developing countries who aren’t connected to the grid and it means that farmers can now grow crops to feed their family and earn an income.

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Your gift could make a real difference

With a regular or single gift, you can support our work with poor people in developing countries.

Planet-friendly farming innovation

Small-scale farmers, who depend on agriculture to make a living, work in increasingly fragile environments.

Practical Action works with farmers to find low cost, low risk ways to boost productivity using techniques that also protect the environment.

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Improving clean water access and sanitation

More than one billion people worldwide can’t access safe, clean water and over a third of the developing world don’t have access to decent sanitation facilities.

Water and sanitation services are a basic human right. Dirty water and poor sanitation kills millions of people every year.

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Reducing vulnerability created by climate change

Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of natural hazards and its effects are felt most by the world’s poorest.

We work with communities across the world to help them become more resilient and prepared when disaster strikes.

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About Practical Action

Practical Action is a global innovator, inspiring people to discover and adopt ingenious, practical ways to free themselves from poverty and disadvantage.

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