Enhancement of Dairy Production through Forage Based Livestock Farming

Dairy is a large sector in Nepal and can be expensive. At Practical Action we are aiming to reduce the cost of milk production through forage based dairy farming by making easy forage seed availability in market. Agro-vet and para-vet training, farmers group training, resource centre establishment, demonstration on forage seed production, production and distribution of promotional materials, facilitation for produced seed marketing, support on forage seed storage were the major activities carried out by the project.

Farmers from different producer groups and agro-vets as well as para-vets are trained on cultivation practices of different perennial and seasonal forage crops. More than 3,000 families received technical support and forage seed supply service from these agro-vets and para-vets. The project has supported resource nurseries for raising the perennial forage plants for regular and timely supply of the planting materials. Additionally, the project supported seeds of perennial forage like joint vetch, molasas, stylo and desmodium hedge were also supported to nursery owners so that they can multiply the seeds and supply to their community. 


Agriculture, markets and food security

This programme strives to bring a visible impact on food security situation in rural areas through improving the agricultural input technology, increasing access to smallholders' friendly irrigation scheme, and market system development.

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