Energising Sustainable Rural Livelihood (ESRL)

Energising Sustainable Rural Livelihood (ESRL)

Country: Nepal
Locations: 5 districts in Nepal
Date: February 2014-January 2016
Project Manager: Vishwa Amatya

The project aims to ensure sustainability of Micro-Hydro Plants (MHPs) through increased energy utilisation by enterprises that enhanced rural livelihoods with the use of Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) approach.

Phase I: Gorkha

Energising Sustainable Rural Livelihood (ESRL) project is being implemented by Practical Action in Gorkha district in partnership with local partner NGO-Goreto, Gorkha. The main objective of the project is to ensure the sustainability of micro hydropower through technical and financial support for the maintenance of micro hydropower along with the establishment of potential enterprises for the optimum utilization of energy in livelihood activities through Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) approach. The project is working to ensure the sustainability of Micro-Hydro Plants (MHPs) through increased energy utilisation by establishing enterprises that enhance rural livelihoods. The project works to strengthen the linkage between energy market system and agro as well as non-agro based product market system. It works to build the local capacity on energy planning as well as utilisation and advocated for ensuring sustainability of MHPs through increased energy utilisation. Different kinds of enterprises established are photo studio, bakery shop, mobile repair centre, furniture shop, computer institute and noodles production industry among others. This has contributed to strengthen the financial base of the MHPs leading to sustainability of the system.

Phase II: Investment Fund

ESRL –Investment fund (15 June 2014-31 March 2015) is being implemented by Practical Action South Asia Regional Office in joint collaboration with Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) in four district clusters of Nepal including Achaam, Tanahun, Myagdi and Dolakha. The project is being implemented in partnership with Regional Service Centres of AEPC-RSDC, DCRDC, RESDTN, and REMREC each coordinating the district clusters Achham, Tanahun, Myagdi and Dolakha respectively.

Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) approach was used in the project for establishing markets of decentralised energy systems and promoting end-uses of electricity. The project adopted a participatory approach in planning, executing, operating and maintaining the energy systems and enterprises. Moreover, interaction among the stakeholders identified barriers in the market system and way forward to establish vibrant market system. The project capacitated MHP management committee, local economic development committee, end users, and enhanced supporting services and inputs system.

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