EuropAfrica : Evaluation

Starter and Plenary Questions

Two question sheets to assess pupils understanding and attitudes towards Food and Farming Issues before and after using the EuropAfrica materials.

We would really appreciate you sharing any evaluation you do with us. Good evaluation from pupils helps us to secure future funding for our work. Please send scanned copies of your students evaluation sheets to, or photocopies to:

Practical Action
The Robbins Building
25 Albert Street
Rugby, Warwickshire
CV21 2SD, United Kingdom

Any other feedback you can give us will also be greatly appreciated.

Evaluation : Starter Questions

A question sheet to use with your students before embarking on the EuropAfrica materials.

Evaluation : Plenary Questions

A question sheet to assess student's understanding of the issues covered in the EuropAfrica project.

This project is co funded by the European Commission DCI-NSAED/2010/240-529


If you'd like to contact Practical Action's Education team, email: or call 01926 634440.

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