EuropAfrica : Farmers' Fair

Small scale farmers share skills, knowledge and technologies...

The Farmers' Fair resources provide opportunities for pupils to learn how sharing skills, knowledge and technologies helps small scale farmers to sustain productive farms.

Through case study examples, pupils research in to a range of farming organisations and put on a Farmers' Fair to share their learning. 


Farmers' Fair : Lesson Plan

Information for teachers on how to deliver the Farmers' Fair.

Farmers' Fair : Power Point presentation

A presentation to support teachers to deliver the Farmers' Fair materials.

Farmers' Fair : Case Study Cards

Eight case studies of different farming organisations who support small scale farmers sustain their farms.

Farmers' Fair : Sharing Skills and Knowledge

A pupil activity sheet to research into UK organisations who support farmers.

Farmers' Fair : Livelihood Improvement Forum

An activity sheet for pupils to record their findings from visiting the Farmers' Fair.

This project is co funded by the European Commission DCI-NSAED/2010/240-529


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For a range of case studies showing Practical Action's work on community based skills and knowledge sharing projects visit Community based extension.

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