EuropAfrica : Farming Systems

Small scale farming systems in Africa

This Farming Systems section provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about a range of small-scale farming systems in Africa. They include stories from a shamba farmer in Kenya, a  fisherman in Mali and a pastoralist from Somaliland.

All of the cases have a range of follow up activities to suit mixed ability classes, including Mali fishermen snap, storyboards and question sheets.

Farming Systems : Lesson Plan

Ideas for teachers to support the delivery of Farming Systems over a few lessons.

Farming Systems : Power Point presentation

A presentation for teachers to support the delivery of the Farming Systems section of EuropAfrica's materials.

Farming Systems : Case Study Stories

Three stories from small scale Africa farmers. A shamba farmer from Kenya, a fisherman from Mali and a pastoralist from Somaliland.

Farming Systems : Image cards from Kenya

Photographs to support Lydia Ngahu's case study of her shamba in Kenya.

Farming Systems : Strategies for Storytelling

Ideas for teachers on how to engage pupils in activities linked to the three small scale farming case studies.

Farming Systems : Farmer Outline

An activity for pupils to record their understanding of the sustainability issues linked to a farming case study.

Farming Systems : Mali Fishing Snap

A follow up activity of the card game snap, linked to the video of the Mali fishing community.

Farming Systems : Most Likely To

An activity for pupils to identify the common and distinctive features of land, fish and pastoral farming systems.

Farming Systems : Mali Fishing Storyboard

A activity linked to the Mali video clip and case study, for pupils to develop a storyboard to capture their learning.

Farming Systems : Small and Large Scale Farming

An activity that enables pupils to consider the main features of small scale and large industrialised farming systems.

This project is co funded by the European Commission DCI-NSAED/2010/240-529


The Mali Niger River video can be used in conjunction with any of the case study follow up activities above.

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