EuropAfrica : Food Connections

How connected are food supply chains between Africa and Europe?

Food Connections introduces pupils to thinking about where the food they eat is grown and the impact for farmers in Africa and Europe.

Food Connections : Lesson Plan

Ideas for teachers on how to deliver the Food Connections materials.

Food Connections : Power Point Presentation

A Power Point presentation to support the delivery of Food Connections.

Food Connections : Where does my food come from?

An activity for pupils to map foods imported from Africa.

Food Connections : Dominoes Africa to Europe

An activity to enable pupils to work out the food chain supply of green beans produced in Kenya.

Food Connections : Dominoes Europe

An activity for pupils to explore the food supply chain of green beans grown in the UK.

Food Connections : My Food Choices

A activity sheet for pupils to consider the impact on stakeholders and the environment involved in producing food in Europe and Africa.

Food Connections : Belief Circles

A whole class plenary activity to enable pupils to reflect on their views on food issues.

This project is co funded by the European Commission DCI-NSAED/2010/240-529


Video clips to support Food Connections

Kenya beans

Food Connections

Practical Action has a range of hands on Science and Technology education material to support the issues covered in the section. Go to Food and Sustainability.

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