EuropAfrica : Shamba Shape Up

Develop a TV script for a Kenyan Farming Series

Shamba Shape Up gives pupils an opportunity to develop  a script or video clip for a Kenyan TV series designed to support small scale farmers deal with the affects of change.



Shamba Shape Up : Lesson Plan

An overview for teachers of how to deliver the Shamba Shape Up materials.

Shamba Shape Up : Power Point Presentation

A presentation for teachers to support the delivery of the Shamba Shape Up materials.

Shamba Shape Up : Vincent's Shamba Shape Up

A sheet for pupils to record the solutions a farmer who features in 'Shamba Shape Up' uses to improve his productivity on his farm in Kenya.

Shamba Shape Up : Big Issues For Farmers

An instruction sheet for pupils to help plan their Shamba Shape Up TV script.

Shamba Shape Up : Four Scenarios

Four scenarios, with web links to give to pupils to use as the basis for their TV scripts.

Shamba Shape Up : Benefit Analysis

An activity sheet for pupils to record feedback on pupil's TV script presentations.

This project is co funded by the European Commission DCI-NSAED/2010/240-529


The Kenyan TV series Shamba Shape required for Vincent's Shamba Shape Up activity is avaliable at .

All 13 episodes of the TV series Shamba Shape Up and backup information is available to download here.

If you'd like to contact Practical Action's Education team, email: or call 01926 634400.

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