Evaluation tools

Suitable for key stages 2-5

The following evaluation tools will give students an opportunity to analyse their own products, designs or an existing product.

All of the evaluation activities are aimed at engaging students to use evaluation to identifty target areas for developing products and systems more sustainably. 

In addition to the materials below, we just added a new Technology Justice area to the website. There are lots of evaluation activities including enabling pupils to give technologies a rating for their impact on people and the environment.

Technology Justice ratings game

Pupil information and cards for an activity that enables pupils to evaluate a range of technologies using a rating criteria for Technology Justice.

Power Point

A Power Point presentation that enables pupils to consider the global inequalities in access to technologies and learn about Practical Action's concept of Technology Justice.

Design Abacus

An evaluation tool enabling students too add their own evaluation criteria, to analyse and compare the sustainability of designs and products.

Winners and losers

An evaluation activity to assess the impact of different people throughout a product's life stages.

Eco-design Web

A tool for evaluating products and design, suitable for key stages 2-5.


An evaluation method that enable students to quantify the impact of design and products.

Other evaluation tools

Product Lifecycle Analysis - impacts on people and environment

Classroom resources to help key stage 3 and 4 students understand the impact of existing and new products on people and the environment.

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Footprinting is used as a way  to calculate an individuals use of resources and therefore environmental impact on the world. The site offers students this opportunity. 



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