Farming in a variable climate

Farming in a variable climate

Farmers and livestock keepers face many uncertainties. Not least the double effects of more extreme events such as droughts and frosts, but also gradual changes in weather patterns. They also lack information on climate change and climate variability. Practical Action works to build capacities to enable farmers to take account of climate risks and make better decisions that will enable poor farmers and livestock keepers to adapt to future climate change and build better, stronger, and more resilient livelihoods.

In response to farmers needs, Practical Action is facilitating access to sources of information such as local and national governments, met offices, as well as agricultural departments which can provide farmers with much needed training and knowledge on adaptation to climate change.

Often, government agricultural staff have little access to up-to-date climate trends and may not have the capacity to interpret meteorological information. Therefore Practical Action is working with these agents to enable them to better understand the impacts of climate change on local agriculture, which will in turn enable them to provide better services to farmers.

Thanks to funding from the Nuffield Africa Fund, we are working in partnership with The University of Reading’s School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, and the Walker Institute for Climate System Research and with the Department of Agricultural, Technical & Extension Services (AGRITEX) in Zimbabwe to train agricultural staff in Zimbabwe. More information here.

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