Floating Garden Challenge

A STEM Challenge that addresses how food can be grown on land that is flooded in Bangladesh

A fun hands on investigation suitable for KS 2-5 (age 7-19) pupils

The problem: as a result of climate change there is more rain in Bangladesh than ever before.  Land where farmers used to grow their crops is now flooded on a regular basis.  The result is families go hungry.

The challenge: to design and build a model structure that will enable farmers to grow crops even in an area that may become flooded.

Teacher resources include a lesson plan, pupil worksheets, a PowerPoint, certificates and more 

The challenge can provide a focus for British Science Week, be used as a STEM or science club activity, enhance a lesson on floating and sinking, form the basis of an enrichment day, and be the starting point for a range of cross-curricular activities.

Accredited by the British Science Association this activity can be used to gain a CREST Discovery award (primary and secondary), and a CREST SuperStar award (primary) . For more information please go to the CREST area of our website.

POSTER For a free poster download from below or email us for a free copy.


Teacher's notes

A guideline to support teachers to run the challenge with a group of pupils.

floating garden PPT

PowerPoint notes

Notes for teacher's to help make the most of the presentation to introduce and run the Floating garden challenge.

Starter activity image sheets

Images of flooding and drought in the UK and Bangladesh to prompt discussion around global changing weather patterns.

Pupil activity sheets

Worksheets that enable pupils to record their research, design ideas and evaluation activities.

Student congratulations certificates

Certificates awarded to the group of pupils whose floating garden has supported the most weight.

Student well done certificates

Certificates awarded to pupils who've completed the Floating garden challenge.

Floating garden challenge poster

Floating garden challenge English poster with EC logo

Floating Garden Challenge - Welsh

Support material for the Floating Garden Challenge - in Welsh

Read more

Video showing how floating gardens help families during the floods

Images to support the Floating Garden Challenge

You're welcome to use our any of our great pictures from our project work in Bangladesh to support the challenge. We've uploaded them to Flickr for you to access here.



To find out more about floating gardens in Bangladesh please go to our main website 

For a technical brief on how to make a real floating garden go to Floating Gardens in Bangladesh

To help students explore the concept of technology justice further we have a range of short group activities.

To find more about how schools are using the Floating Garden Challenge visit our Challenges in Schools site.

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