Preparing for floods in Peru

Illimo, Túcume, Mórrope and Picsi are towns with a common factor: they are all situated on the banks of the La Leche river in the Lambayeque region. That would be of no consequence except for the fact that the volume of the river increases during the summer when it is the rainy season in the highlands. When this occurs, the river overflows and the flood destroys large areas of farmland and homes and affects the quality and quantity of water available for human consumption.

With the anticipated arrival of the weather phenomenon El Niño (abnormal warming of waters in the Pacific which causes havoc in global weather patterns) towards the end of 2010, the water is expected to reach the same devastating levels caused by the event 1997, which killed some 200 people in peru and destroyed property worth $3.5 billion.

Flooding preparedness

Practical Action is working on a project that will improve the capacity of the Lambayeque communities and local institutions to respond to disasters. The work includes:

The Prepared for el Niño - DIPECHO Lambayeque project is managed by Practical Action in partnership with the Center for Social Solidarity and has been supported by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department, through its DIPECHO programme.

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