Agriculture, markets and food security


This programme strives to bring a visible impact on food security situation in rural areas through improving the agricultural input technology, increasing access to smallholders' friendly irrigation scheme, and market system development.

Practical Action will work for the promotion of high value sectors like dairy and strengthening food security situation in food deficit areas. The intention is to bring a bigger impact through comprehensive five year development programme. This will also influence in scaling up the district food security plan in food insecure districts and contribute to National Food Security Policy.

The work under this sector over the strategic period aims to significantly increase the income of rural farmers through sustainable production and development of rural market linkage. Practical Action is working in 14 districts reaching 100,000 direct beneficiaries focusing primarily on dairy, goat, and fishery subsector.

Projects under this sector

Dairy for development

Improving the livelihoods of dairy farmers in Nepal through better production and marketing

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Materials and skills for post-earthquake reconstruction

The problem The 2015 earthquake caused widespread destruction in Nepal. More than 650,000 houses need reconstruction, requiring massive amount of construction materials. This project will assess the demand and supply, identifying and addressing major constraints.  ...

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Growing communities

Improved irrigation, better seeds and storage facilites are helping 7,000 smallholder farmers increase their incomes.

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Enhancement of Dairy Production through Forage Based Livestock Farming

Dairy is a large sector in Nepal and can be expensive. At Practical Action we are aiming to reduce the cost of milk production through forage based dairy farming by making easy forage seed availability in market. Agro-vet and para-vet training, farmers group training, resource centre esta...

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Rural Access Programme (RAP) III - Socio-Economic Development (SED)

This project aims to improve income and resilience of poor people in the Achham, Bajura, Doti and Humla districts of Nepal, through agriculture commercialisation. It focuses on four sub-sectors: vegetable, goat, spice and Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP).

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Raising Opportunities for Jobs in Gramin areas for Rural Incomes (ROJGARI)

The Rojgari project is working with marginalised young people (dalits and women) who have limited access to finance and education. The project helps to build confidence, skills and networks to utilise technical and vocational training for initiating their own enterprise or seeking gainful empl...

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Nepal market development programme (Samarth-NMDP)

The SAMARTH-NMDP project aims to enhance the Dairy Value Chain and contribute to increased income, focusing on providing access to various services and inputs to 8,000 smallholder dairy farmers.

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Sustainable agriculture for nutrition and food security (POSAN-FS)

An introduction to Practical Action's project to improve food and nutritional security in the Achham, Bajhang, Bajura and Doti districts of Nepal. In English and Nepali.

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Integrated rice-duck farming

An introduction to Practical Action's work with integrated rice-duck farming in the Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts of Nepal.

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Barsha: An Innovative and Sustainable Irrigation Pump for Smallholder Farmers

Water is essential to life, but many people do not have access to it. Lack of water can mean that land is so dehydrated that crops are unable to grow to feed families. In this project, Practical Action is ensuring an affordable irrigation solution to farmers who live in areas of water scarcity. T...

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